Itomic Hosted IP Telephone Platform

Enjoy all the benefits of an Enterprise Telephone system without the added costs.

Halve your monthly phone bill with an IP based PBX phone system. IP or Hosted based PBX phone systems gives organisations the ability to make calls over the internet through the use of the industry standard SIP protocol. IP PBX systems are replacing traditional PBX systems which use legacy PSTN or ISDN lines which are routed by a telephone company.

Itomic can provide a fully managed Hosted or IP PBX system which will reduce your monthly call costs and give you flexibility to work remotely and the ability to never miss a call. We encourage you to send us a recent phone bill for a bill analysis and we can let you know exactly how much you should expect to save every month.

Itomic Hosted IP Telephone Platform Ireland


Simultaneous call routing - Hosted Telephony Solutions
Simultaneous call routing
Unified communications allow your landline and mobile to act as one
Unified voicemail - Hosted Telephone Systems
Unified voicemail
Have one voicemail box for landline and mobile delivered to your email
Extension dialling - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Extension dialling
Dial one extension number from any device to reach your colleagues
Call Conferencing - Hosted Telephone Systems
Call Conferencing
Free call conferencing with international dial-in numbers on landline and mobile.
Call Barring - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Call Barring
Restrict different outgoing call types
Corporate Directory - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Corporate Directory
An online database of contacts with a click to call
Time Of Day Routing - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Time Of Day Routing
Apply office opening hours to your phone system
Call Encryption - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Call Encryption
Secure your calls with TLS encryption
Work From Anywhere - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Work from anywhere
Direct your phone to mobile when out of office
Plug & Play - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Plug & Play
No setup required to use your Itomic phones, simply plug them in and start talking
Corporate Directory - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Keep your number
Move your business phones to Itomic and keep your existing business numbers.
Easy Configuration - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Easy Configuration
Manage your Itomic account from a simple online dashboard
Call Center Funcionality - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Call Centre Functionality
Deploy full inbound and outbound contact centers
Call Parking - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Call Parking
Efficient call holding for your team
Music On Hold - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Music On Hold
Play cutom audio files for callers on hold
Busy Lamp Filed - Hosted IP Telephone Systems
Busy Lamp Filed
Remotely check if colleagues are available.

Reliable service

Communications are important, get a reliable service that will keep you talking

Work From Anywhere - Hosted Telephony Solutions
Work from anywhere
Your service uses your internet connection so that you can enable flexi-working in your organisation and drive improved efficiency by allowing employees to work from anywhere.
99% Uptime - Hosted Telephony Solutions
99% uptime
Get a service that won’t let your business down.
Disaster Recovery - Hosted Telephony Solutions
Disaster recovery
If something ever goes wrong with your broadband connection, Itomic automatically fails over to another branch office or your mobile(s) to keep your incoming calls working.

Reduce your phone bill

No Line Rental - Hosted Telephony Solutions
No line rental
Our VoIP platform doesn’t rely on physical phone lines which means that you can save on line rental on your phone bills.
Unlimited Scalability - Hosted Telephony Solutions
Unlimited scalability
Your phone system grows with you. With a virtual phone system you can add as many users as you need. The only equipment you need to add is a handset. No capital expenditure required.
Predictable Billing - Hosted Telephony Solutions
Predictable billing
Budget easily and pay a simple fixed price per month. Forget about surprise costs such as line rental, DDI block rental, fraud protection or call barring fees that appear on other telecom provider’s bills.

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