Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 - IT Solutions Ireland

A combination of rich functionality, slick user interface and close integration with Microsoft applications has helped the Windows 10 operating system secure its place in the enterprise for many years to come.

Windows 10 Features and Functionality

  • easy file sharing and printer setup
  • a supercharged search feature finds more things faster
  • a 64-bit option handles RAM more effectively
  • near instant wireless connectivity
  • touchscreen interface
  • connected devices have a dedicated homepage

Itomic Microsoft Windows 10 Services:

  • application capability assessment
  • planning and deployment including OS migration
  • desktop virtualisation with Virtual Client Services

Using our extensive experience with System Center, we configure a desktop estate that’s optimised for each client’s business processes and end user requirements. We have accredited skillsets in System Center Configuration Manager which is optimised for assessing, deploying and updating servers, desktops and other devices across physical and virtual environments.

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