Managed Backup Solutions

Threats to business critical systems are many and varied. Natural disasters like flooding and fire, along with people factors, such as disgruntled employees or human error that lets in a virus, make it essential to have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan.

Itomic’s Managed Backup Solutions Protect your Business against the Implications of Workplace Disaster, with Managed Backup Services that will give you Peace of Mind:

  • Remote Back-up
    Every night, we protect your business by sending copies of your critical data files to our secure offsite data storage facility. We eliminate the risk of PC data loss by automatically backing-up desktop and laptop computers as users go about their daily tasks. Our solution automatically encrypts data in transit to our secure server back-up facility.
  • Hosting and Co-location
    We provide hosting and co-location for your critical line of business applications which means we can quickly restore your systems in the event of disaster, either to your servers hosted in our data center or to virtual servers in our high availability cluster.

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