office 2007 official support has ended
Support For Office 2007 Has Ended
5th December 2017
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21st February 2019

Cloud Solutions

The cloud has brought a sea change to how Information Technology Systems are designed, built and operated.

There are opportunities across all areas to use the cloud to improve existing systems and services, ultimately saving time & money for your business.

From offsite backups to Office365, from cloud telephony systems to cloud servers, there are a wide array of options to choose from.

At Itomic Voice & Data, we make enterprise level technology accessible to small & medium businesses, providing a full range of cloud services and consultancy.

Cloud Infrastructure
The cloud is changing the way organisations approach their IT hardware and infrastructure, turning capital expenditure into an operational cost. As a cloud solutions provider, we use both Microsoft Azure and private cloud to provide full service for clients and, in some cases, even eliminate the need to purchase hardware in order to fulfil their IT needs.

Private Cloud Services
We host IT infrastructure for our clients, removing its physical presence from their sites, leveraging our specialist experience. This has many advantages, particularly for firms with limited IT resources.

Cloud Office
Office 365 is Microsoft’s enterprise level email system, delivered to you via the internet. No need for installing, configuring and running onsite mail servers, everything is provided, giving you:

Freedom to work anytime anywhere
Cutting-edge applications without the hassle of managing them
Collaboration tools for new ways of working
Increased productivity with the latest communication tools

Cloud Consulting
Itomic helps clients devise a coherent strategy that aligns cloud services to their business needs. We are an invaluable partner and trusted cloud advisor to organisations across all sectors, maximising our clients’ potential to realise the benefits of a new era in ICT service delivery.

Cloud Monitoring
Itomic Voice & Data’s Systems Monitoring as a Service ensures that any outages, or potential outages, can be addressed at the earliest possible opportunity, ensuring your services are always up, maximising productivity.

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