Remote Network Administration

Remove the burden of network management from your organisation and allow your IT staff to concentrate on their core business functions. With Itomic’s remote network administration solutions we effectively act as your IT department, providing a remote network administrator who will be your single source of contact for all IT issues.

With an agreed monthly maintenance fee, which is just a fraction of what you will pay your full-time IT technician or support team, we guarantee that you will benefit from a high quality service from a professional team of engineers who will be at your disposal whenever and wherever you need them.

Our team of network engineers and technicians are experienced and skilled at monitoring, analysing and resolving system performance issues on a real-time basis. As part of our remote system administration, we undertake a thorough review of your existing system, ensuring optimal use and addressing issues before they become critical.

We embrace open and collaborative relationships with our clients, ensuring that our network maintenance activity creates measurable results towards defined objectives. We ensure clients are kept up to date with the performance of their systems by providing reports of key prescheduled activities that have successfully occurred. Should any of these tasks fail, clients are informed and Itomic will correct the situation.

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