Information Lifecycle Management

Businesses are built on knowledge and turning information to competitive advantage, but with data volumes increasing at almost 80 per cent every year, organisatons are struggling to make it work for them as effectively it could.

At Itomic, our consultants start with regulatory compliance and storage but go much further, helping clients unlock valuable data with lifecycle management strategies.

We help categorise old and new data, make it more searchable, build in processes to manage it through the lifecycle of storage, retrieval and disposal across applications, databases and different storage media.

On and off-premise, we make data more agile and ready to be interrogated in a number of ways.

Our information lifecycle management strategies will show you:
  • where it resides and how it is managed
  • how it can be optimised to drive more efficient processes
  • the best way it can be archived and accessed
  • how it can be decommissioned and retired

At all times we ensure that users have access to the data they need, when they need it, and always within consistent policies and practices that we can help define.

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