Digital CIO

The responsibility of the Digital CIO is to identify digital investments that will drive business enablement, because technology is no longer just supporting the business, it’s an enabler that offers capabilities to transform the business and propel market growth.

New technologies offer transformative opportunities at an unprecedented scale – data analytics, machine learning, AI, AR, IoT. The challenge for the Digital CIO is choosing the right solutions and aligning them to the business need.

Another challenge is ensuring the whole business is on the digital transformation journey, not just the IT department, and that change is built into the culture of the company. Everyone must understand that it isn’t a “one-off” project; it’s a process of iterative change affecting people, processes and technology.

As businesses evolve, so do Itomic offerings, enabling customers to stay ahead of emerging risks in the digital age, and maximise the opportunities.

We provide a three-step strategy:

  • Enhance: leverage ICT to optimise existing procedures and support new processes to run the business more efficiently – automation, for example, to streamline a mundane process, improve accuracy and increase capability.
  • Extend: explore how existing investments in technology and technology partners can be leveraged to grow the business.
  • Evolve: look at ways emerging technologies can be utilised to transform the business, either through new business processes, new business services or market impact.

Market disruption means that businesses must expand their service capabilities at a faster pace – a typical roadmap that once took 3-5 years is now delivered in 2-3. Operating models need to be agile and lean to support the rapid introduction and adoption of new technologies.

How we engage

Our offerings deliver strategic value to the Digital CIO in two ways – first from a ‘business first’ point of view, quickly followed by the second, a technology driven point of view. Our ‘business first’ offerings rely on our Digital Business Architects to work with your business in a proactive, horizon-focused way to determine a ‘best fit’ technology strategy based on your business’ goals. Technologies are considered in an agnostic form to determine how they can be leveraged, how the business can evolve through the use of technology, be it current or emerging, and finally help define the journey the enterprise needs to take to truly transform into a digital business.

Our second approach, which is more traditional to managed services, involves our Enterprise Technical Architects and is focused on reviewing and evaluating your current technology investment. The goal being to determine whether or not the technology is being leveraged to aid the business in running, growing and transforming. Through gap analysis our Enterprise Technical Architects identify areas where technology enablement can benefit the business and help support its strategic direction.

Coupled together, the Digital Business Architect and Enterprise Technical Architect, make for a formidable pair, and will ensure you and your business are well positioned and equipped to accept and keep pace with today’s rapidly changing landscape.

Typical areas of improvement:
  • Infrastructure – leverage new IT concepts in your operating model
  • Data – fix gaps in collecting, managing and utilising data
  • Security – revisit and rethink your security architecture/policies
  • Service Management – remove red tape around managing and utilising technology

As a strategic partner, Itomic helps Digital CIOs navigate the digital era and capitalise on opportunities to become more streamlined and competitive. We will put you ahead of the curve and keep you there.

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